3 - 7 June, 2020



Under the High Patronage of

Monsieur Emmanuel Macron

Président of the French Republic

Gathering all the food cultures of the world 

The Village International de la Gastronomie is the platform for meetings between diplomacy, the general public, professionals and journalists. During five days, the Village brings together cuisines from around the world and the offer to countries a unique opportunity to tell their culture. Moreover, it brings a real message of hope and brotherhood, in a generous and multicultural atmosphere. For its fifth edition, the Village grows and hosts the Paris Cookbook Fair and a vast French market.

The Village

Created in 2016, the Village showcases over 170 countries through their culinary heritage. Embassies, restaurateurs and producers come together to exchange what is most authentic. The objective of this great meeting is to discover the real products and popular traditions of each country in order to transmit these legacies to future generations. It is also about getting to know others better, beyond clichés and received ideas.


The Paris Cookbook Fair

In the world of books, cookbooks are a whole sector. For several years, the interest of readers in international cuisines has enabled publishers to sell and acquire new titles while meeting chefs and reference authors to prepare future projects. The Village is an opportunity to hold the Paris Cookbook Fair again, where the best books from each country are present, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.


The French Market

Loved all over the world, French gastronomy builds its reputation on greats products and the transmission of historical skills. A French market representing each one of the French regions allows to meet the best producers and chefs. In addition to the exceptional products, visitors and professionals will be able to discover the reference techniques presented during the many demonstrations.


The Program

Every hour, the Village stages present:

- Chef demonstrations on the World Show Kitchen 

- Conferences bringing together the greatest authors and the main actors of the food world

- Dance shows and concerts organized by countries wishing to publicize their folklore, often intimately linked to their gastronomy

- Four thematic evenings



For the first time, the Village will include a huge area for the international cookbook market. It is the come-back of the Paris Cookbook Fair, with books from over 170 countries and the most important publishers, authors, agents, photographers, TV producers, graphic de-signers, tourism offices and specialized media. The professional area will allow them to network, trade foreign rights and launch new projects with colleagues from as many countries as possible.

Since 1995, the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards bring together the best culinary books of the world. The competition is free, and open to every country, publisher or author, regardless of power or influence. In 24 years, a huge network of professionals has been growing as over 1500 books are sent every year to participate, adding new members to this large family of food culture lovers.

That exponential growth allowed publishers, authors, TV producers, photographers, designers and wine- makers to multiply their contacts around the world. The need of a professional summit was clear: fantastic texts and recipes from all over the world were available to be translated and adapted from one country to another.

The Paris Cookbook Fair was created in 2010, at Le Centquatre, a splendid cultural center in the east of the city. In 2013, the fair moved to the Carrousel du Louvre, before travelling to China in 2014, where the publishing industry was becoming more and more open to international content. In 2015, Gourmand International found an agreement with the Frankfurt Book Fair, the major cultural event of the world, to develop the Gourmet Gallery where publishers meet every year since then. In parallel, Gourmand co-organizes the food and drinks area of the Beijing International Book Fair.

In 2019, the Gourmand World Summit at the UNESCO Headquarters brought together the huge network of food culture professionals, around a big exhibition of 2000 books from 170 countries. It was the opportunity to see what is done and written around the world, by alphabetical order, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. So many topics, styles, layouts, formats, angles, traditions, fusions and research were there to be discovered and shared. So many talented authors and creative publishers to be met.









Visitors in 2019


A strong program will include events on the central show kitchen, conferences with the greatest authors, lots of dancing and many concerts on the cultural stage of the Village



From June 3 to 7, each exhibitor of the Village International de la Gastronomie has the opportunity to represent its country in the heart of Paris. Projects must be representative of the traditions of each country to be selected. Products have to be excellent, and the dishes prepared on site must respect the authenticity of the reference recipes.

Sale to the public

All exhibitors can sell their products, dishes and books to the public. The number of visitors being very important, a well defined logistics organization is necessary to be able to meet the demand for five days.


Professional meetings

Each exhibitor has the possibility of meeting his diplomatic counterparts, chefs, editors, authors or journalists during the event, either on his own stand or in the meeting spaces provided for this purpose. A professional catalog lists all the exhibitors to facilitate their meetings.


Media coverage

The large media coverage is an opportunity to showcase each country effectively and attractively. Exhibitors take care to create beautiful spaces where the visitors can discover a fine selection of products, dishes and representative books of every country or region.


Registration form

The registration form can be dowloaded here, and contains all the details for exhibitors. Once completed, it will be examined by Agora Expo, and validated if the quality and authenticity criteria are met.




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